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Popularity graph of show rising by the day

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KARACHI: Although a large number of persons from every walk of life are visiting the special Geo Ramazan transmission ‘Aaman Ramazan’, yet the top priority of Dr Amir Liaqat Hussain, the host of the show, is to heal the wounds of the afflicted and thus to serve humanity during the holy month.

On he twelfth day of the record-smashing transmission, the feelings and compassion of a distressed sister as shown by her supplication to the audience to save the life of her brother moved everyone to tears. The 15-year-old Saleha, sister of 19-year-old Mehroz, suffering from fatal bone-marrow disease attended the transmission along with her parents.

Along with the host, she made a supplication to the audience to save the life of her only brother without whom she cannot live in such an effective manner that it made everyone present emotional. With announcement of a donation of Rs2 lakh on behalf of Mahmooda Foundation, Dr Amir Liaqat Hussain made a fervent appeal to collect Rs 2.6 million for the bone marrow transplantation of Mehroz. This was immediately followed by an influx of calls from within the country and abroad made by philanthropist Pakistanis who wanted to help the poor family in distress.

On the occasion on behalf of MSF, Dr Amir Liaqat announced a monthly stipend of Rs10,000 for Shakila Bibi so that she could treat her daughters suffering from hemophilia.

People who fell prey to the callousness and cruelty of the society continued to visit the extremely popular programme even on the 12th day. Dr Amir Liaqat invited the distressed families who had lost some near and dear ones due to domestic feuds or rivalries.

The wailings of the mother of Sadaf who was poisoned to death by her in-laws brought tears to every eye.

The wretched children running from pillar to post after their father had killed their mother were also invited. Among the audience also were the unfortunate parents of 23-year-old Irfan who was killed by their neighbour on some petty feud.

The host of the transmission contacted CPLC chief Ahmad Chinnoy in order to provide legal assistance to families running to and fro to seek justice. Mr Chinnoy assured that he would go all the way to initiate ab initio investigation of their cases and also offered personal help. He apprised the audience of the hurdles in the way of law-enforcement agencies.

During the transmission, a 95-year-old man played the popular tune of famous naat ‘Shah-i-Madina’ on a flute with his nose and enthralled the audience. The first phase of quiz programme ‘Zer Zabar Pesh’ is moving successfully towards the finals. As usual, a large number of audience won prizes worth lakhs of rupees through a draw. Distinguished scholars Mufti Mohammad Abid Mubarik, Dr Mahmoodul Hasan Arif and Maulana Syed Mohammad Ali Zaidi Al-Hussaini also participated in the transmission.

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