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Reading Material on Digital & Physical Security for Journalists

Violence against the media is common in Pakistan: the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) ranked Pakistan as the 9th most dangerous country for journalists in 2014. Though, threats to journalists range from verbal harassment to abduction or even murder, however, they will find themselves in high-risk environments and vulnerable to both physical and digital attacks while covering their professional is crucial that journalists are equipped with the best practices and tools for their reporting and safety, as well as the psychological preparation necessary to mitigate risk and make informed judgments about their own security while under stress.

Not every attack is physical, the Internet remains a contested space, and as hackers become more sophisticated, journalists’ electronic files and means of online communication are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks. A 2012 study found that Pakistani journalists remain largely unaware of how to prevent these attacks, or that these risks even exist. Physical and digital attacks, of course, are not unrelated, as leaving one self open to surveillance or theft of sensitive material greatly increases one’s vulnerability to violent attack.

In above perspective reading material on physical security, psychosocial wellness and digital security tutorials have been developed to provide basic awareness to working journalists across Pakistan. Development of this page intends to spread critical information on digital and physical security to as many working journalists as possible as an open source that everyone can benefit from it.

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