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Geo to release ‘The Legend of Moula Jatt’ film on this Eidul Fitr

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KARACHI: Film “The Legend of Moula Jatt” is Pakistan’s most anticipated film, due to be released on this Eidul Fitr, is an effort by Bilal Lashari to re-make the old Punjabi classic ‘Moula Jat’ to meet the tastes of modern day requirements of people and technology. The film is being termed as the biggest action-movie […]

Pemra officials threatened, detained at gunpoint by anchor slapped with fine

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ISLAMABAD: On February 13, a top official at Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) found his mobile phone ringing. An anchor was calling at his WhatsApp number. He was in Pemra’s Lahore office, which he had stormed while “shouting and directing his companions to seal the premises and close the doors of office and that no one should be allowed to enter or exit.” Three police guards deputed for security of the anchor helped him in occupying the Lahore office. Two persons in plain clothes were also accompanying the anchor who had come in a Toyota Corolla car bearing green number plate. He further shouted asking for CCTV cameras and instructed his men to confiscate them. As the hostage-taking was in progress, Regional General Manager of Pemra Lahore came out of his room to request the annoying anchor to come and sit with him to discuss his grievance if there is any. The anchor followed RGM to his room, ordered his police guards to lock it from inside and stay alert with the weapons. Finally, RGM was also made hostage along with his two guests. It was from there, the anchor rang to a top Pemra official in Islamabad. As the call was connected, the anchor turned on speaker of his phone. “Do you want to continue your job or not,” the anchor asked the top official. “Yes, I want to continue,” was the reply. Second question, “If I ask you to delegate me all of your powers, whether you will do that or not.” The answer, “I will do that.” Third question, “If I put your phone on hold for an hour, if you will wait for me or disconnect the call.” The answer, “I will wait.” This followed requests from the top official who wanted the anchor to forgive Pemra and that the action taken against him was just by mistake. The top official further promised that he will visit Lahore to personally apologise from the anchor. The conversation ended after this reassurance and Lahore Pemra RGM was silent spectator during this course of crisis. For a background, Pemra’s Council of Complaints had fined the anchor Rs500,000 while taking action on the complaint of two provincial ministers. The anchor had alleged them of corrupt practices in his TV programme but failed to prove. Pemra chairman had approved the decision of fine and it was delivered to the anchor on the day he attacked at Pemra office in retaliation instead of seeking any legal remedy against the decision. As the matter was “resolved” after assurance of a top Pemra official, the anchor decided to celebrate it at Pemra’s Lahore office where he remained from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. He ordered the accompanying men in plain clothes to go for buying 10 pizzas who did accordingly. As they were brought at the Pemra’s Lahore office, the persons present there ate pizzas and the anchor apologised for any “inconvenience.” However, he didn’t forget to let the hostage staff know about the powers he enjoys. Taking names of high ups in judiciary and security agencies, he “tried to give an impression that he is very influential and he also got the support of all the named institutions,” RGM Ikram Barkat noted in a written report sent to Pemra chairman. “He also told us that he has powers given by the Supreme Court of Pakistan to seal any premises and office and he has the seals available in his vehicles to do so…For reference, he quoted an incident where he sealed a hospital for three days. He also asked about cell number of chairperson council of complaints. He further said that it is in his hand to revalidate the appointment period of council members and he will see whether their tenure is to be revalidated or not,” read RGM’s report which is being treated as a top secret. So much that anchor’s name has not been given in it and the report was delivered in person by RGM to chairman. “It is further informed that the said journalist/anchor called on his cell phone…During conversation he again talked a few mixed and ambiguous things and categorically asked him ‘Maza aya aaj (hope you enjoyed today).’…Some of the conversations of the event (both audio & video), recorded through mobile phones are also enclosed for ready reference…There are many things/conversation which he even cannot write in order to protect dignity and honor of the organisation and higher posts; however he can inform everything in person,” reads the report. The News International

Print media has its own importance, says Alvi

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ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi on Wednesday said that despite growth and popularity of electronic and social media, print media had its own importance and place in society. He said fake news affected the world in different ways and should be a matter of concern for any society. President Dr Alvi said this while addressing […]

Journalists in Balochistan get housing scheme letters

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QUETTA: Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani handed over offer letters of a journalist housing scheme to the Balochistan Union of Journalists (BUJ) and Quetta Press Club at the oath-taking ceremony of the newly-elected office-bearers on Wednesday. Speaking on the occasion, the chief minister regretted that journalists housing scheme had faced delays for the […]

Fawad says social media companies must come under tax net

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ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry while talking about social media regulation said social media websites must come under national tax net as Pakistan has paid hefty amount to foreign companies. Talking to a private news channel he stated that it was not a strange act as rest of the world had […]

Journalists protection law in limbo

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ISLAMABAD – The proposed much-awaited journalists protection law stays in limbo as the ruling Pakistan Teheek-e-Insaf itself has discredited its own year-long negotiations process on the draft bill that seeks to ensure independence, safety, and freedom of expression of journalists and media professionals. For the past many years, the journalists and their representative bodies are seeking […]

EfS hails HR Ministry’s draft bill for journalists’ safety

Pakistan Press Foundation

Ahmedpur East – Editors for Safety (EfS), a forum comprising a large number of newspaper editors and director news of leading televisions channels, has welcomed the move by the Ministry of Human Rights to draft a landmark bill that is aimed at ensuring safety and security of journalists against intimidation, abduction, torture and murder. The draft bill, […]

Editors for Safety hails drafting of bill for journalists’ protection

Pakistan Press Foundation

KARACHI: Editors for Safety (EFS), a forum comprising a large number of newspaper editors and director news of leading TV channels, has welcomed the human rights ministry move for drafting a landmark bill that is aimed at ensuring safety and security of journalists against intimidation, abduction, torture and murder. The draft bill, once approved by […]

Editors for Safety urges PM to approve undiluted version of journalist safety bill

KARACHI: The Editors for Safety (EfS) has welcomed the move by the Ministry of Human Rights to draft a landmark bill aimed at ensuring safety and security of journalists against intimidation, abduction, torture and murder. The EfS, a forum comprising a large number of newspaper editors and directors of news at leading television channels, said […]

Media protection bill

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BRIEFLY, it appeared there may be light at the end of the tunnel for Pakistan’s beleaguered journalist community. However, the outcome of the cabinet’s deliberations on the Protection of Journalists and Media Professionals Bill, drafted by the human rights ministry, has been discouraging. For it seems the government representatives have decided to club this comprehensive […]

Media under fire

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THE rapidness with which journalists, rights activists, lawyers and mainstream political parties have come together to defend the right to freedom of expression is obviously due to the seriousness of the establishment’s efforts to control not only the flow of information but the citizens’ thought process as well. The challenges to the media have once […]

Zindagi Tamasha: Sindh Board of Film Censors issues a release

A month has passed. Sarmad Khoosat, the director of the film, maintains he has said all that he felt he needed to say in a letter addressing those in the echelon of state power. He maintained that his film was passed by the Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC) with some cuts that he was […]

‘Rapid changes in social media may break 30-year media evolution cycle’

There seems to be a 30-year cycle in the evolution of the media in the world. In 1920 radio became popular across the globe and then television rose to fame in 1950. By the mid 80’s live satellite TV got the world’s attention. In December 2009 came Facebook, which also changed the dynamics of the […]

Durrani resigns as SAPM on Media

ISLAMABAD – Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Media Affairs, Iftikhar Durrani, on Tuesday officially resigned from his position. According to sources, the prime minister has accepted his resignation. Durrani maintained that despite leaving the PTI government, he had full confidence in PM Imran’s leadership and he would continue to work as a member of the […]