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Inam Ghar coming back to Geo

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ISLAMABAD: TV superstar Dr Amir Liaquat has announced in his morning show Subhe Pakistan that the viewers will be watching from March 5 Asia’s biggest game show Inam Ghar. He said the show will give a new dimension to the media industry, which will be unmatched.

The announcement has left the audience amazed. After the announcement, offices of Geo TV and Jang had got calls of impatient audiences coming day in and day out. The callers want to know what new Amir Liaquat is bringing to the show and what will be its pattern.

Amir Liaquat, wearing his familiar smile, has announced that the winner will have Rs20 million worth of a house in addition to incredible gifts. The potential participants of the show have been engaged in study for months to prepare for the competition.

Inam Ghar will change history of the shows that have been patterned after it and it will be a new and different experiment. A TV channel copied pattern of Inam Ghar but even then it failed to meet the higher standards that Amir Liaquat set.

He came up against Inam Ghar Plus and left all perplexed by winning 55 GRPs through only one show. However, it was stopped due to preparation for a novel format for the show. Now Inam Ghar is coming up with the promise of long-run knowledge, recreation, play and mental exercise.

Audience will be astonished to see the set worth millions of rupees at a wide place. Out of 10,000 applicants, only 300 have gone through the test to reach Nishest-e-Zahanat and are impatient to win as much as they can from Inam Ghar.

For other segments, families will be selected and there is a surprise for them that Amir Liaquat and his team have not yet disclosed to Geo management. Amir Liaquat will also continue hosting Subhe Pakistan from Monday to Friday at Geo Kahani.

Inam Ghar will be aired on the nights of Friday and Saturday from 8pm to 10pm. It will play a key role in making Geo the Number 1 channel of Pakistan.

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