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UK online snooping against Pakistan ‘alarming’

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ISLAMABAD: Digital rights activists and lawmakers appear equally concerned by recent claims that Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) gained access to Pakistan’s Internet Exchange under its computer network exploitation (CNE) — or hacking — operations. The revelations, made by journalists Glenn Greenwald and Andrew Fishman in a recent article for The Intercept, indicate that by […]

Smart phone app for public transport

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LAHORE: The Lahore Transport Company (LTC) has been assigned the task to enforce, plan and regulate the public transport system in the provincial metropolis with a view to provide safe, affordable, efficient and environment-friendly transport facilities of international standard to the public. LTC Chairman Khwaja Ahmad Hassan said this on Tuesday while presiding over the […]

Internet escapes tax net

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LAHORE: The Punjab government on Friday withdrew tax on internet services apparently on ‘pressure of social media’. Hundreds of websites in the country had been displaying a message “Don’t tax the internet” as part of their blackout campaign against the tax. The Punjab government on May 28 through an SRO had imposed 19.5pc tax on […]

Internet providers to blackout websites in protest against imposition of tax

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KARACHI: Pakistani bloggers and internet providers on Monday decided to blackout their websites in protest against the recently imposed taxes by the Punjab government on internet services, according to a joint statement issued by the digital publishers of Pakistan at a press conference. The Punjab government – through an SRO – imposed a whopping 19.5 […]

Facebook boss announces provision of free Internet for Pakistan

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CALIFORNIA – Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced the provision of free Internet access for users in Pakistan through the social-media giant’s new initiative, which is currently available on Telenor network. is a latest Facebook enterprise through which the company aims at providing free internet access to people in developing countries. Before Pakistan, […]

Telecom policy goals explained

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ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Information Technology Anusha Rahman has said that telecommunication infrastructure of Pakistan provides supportive environment for sustainable growth. While presenting policy statement at the World Summit on Information Technology Forum 2015 in Geneva, Ms Rahman said the goals of the telecommunication sector policy to enable socio-economic growth were aligned with Post-2015 […]

Suffocating cyberspace

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Pakistan hardly has an impressive record when it comes to universal human rights standards, and the formulation of a contentious Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015, which is pending parliamentary approval before it becomes a law, is posing a major assault to freedom of expression within the country. In its current form, the proposed Bill […]

Internet turns 25

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On March 12, the internet will turn 25. More accurately, the form of internet that we know today will turn 25. Before March 1989, it was possible to transfer data between computers connected by a network. But websites, which make data more widely accessible, had not yet been developed. It was from a paper written […]

Blogging on the rise!

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Many people make a living through blogging. In recent times, blogging has attracted a lot of attention given the rise of the social media and also when it is becoming more and more difficult for unbiased information to be presented to the audience at large with censorship. Simply put, a blog is a sort of […]

Twitter and politicians

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THINK politicking, Pakistan-style, and most people would think: loud — and long drawn-out. It’s traditionally been about people travelling long distances, a canopied platform faced with serried ranks of chairs, blood-stirring speeches and thundering denunciations. Few would have thought that a time might come when a politician desirous of speaking up might choose to not […]

Kidnapped by Facebook friend

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THE story (May 28) was indeed bone-chilling as this was the most heinous criminal act performed by criminals with the help of social networking media Facebook. Needless to say that the social media through the blessings of the Internet has invaded every household the world over and ironically access to the Internet is open to […]

Internet addiction

By: Dr Rabia Akhtar Our youth is facing a multitude of challenges in the present era. Internet addiction, excessive social networking and online relationships are a few. These things sneak up on them in a very subtle manner until they become the primary focus of their lives. They neglect their school, career and family members. […]

Book charm and Internet

By: HAMAYUN ZAKI HUNZAI I USED to believe that the Internet has replaced books and now one needs to go to a library and waste his time while searching for a bit of information. Instead one needs the Internet to search for information. But thanks to one of my teachers who, with his strong arguments, […]

PTI’s Insaf TV creates online presence

By: Gibran Ashraf KARACHI: Lacking resources to compete in the escalating “media war” in an election year, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has turned to the Internet and launched a web television channel called Insaf TV, to combat the blackout they face on prime time airwaves. “The PTI is often blacked out in the mainstream media,” […]