Kidnapped by Facebook friend

Pakistan Press Foundation

THE story (May 28) was indeed bone-chilling as this was the most heinous criminal act performed by criminals with the help of social networking media Facebook.

Needless to say that the social media through the blessings of the Internet has invaded every household the world over and ironically access to the Internet is open to adolescents who do not realise the gruesome affects of this electronic tool as to what degree of vulnerability the young and innocent kids can get into.

Parents, on the other hand, often take pride in giving gifts of laptops and i-phones to their loved ones not bothering to educate them that the use of such gadgets can be harmful for them if not used with caution and care.

This particular case, which is one of its first kind in Pakistan, is an eye-opener for the nation to beware of the danger that can hit anyone, specially children, if strict vigilance is not done by elders.

Parents when handing over Internet access to children must ensure that all activities are monitored, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype must be checked and monitored; all connections made with people must be thoroughly investigated and if in doubt immediately delete anonymous friends’ requests and keep data secure and under limited access to a close circle of friends. Lastly, kudos to the daring police force of Karachi that has made a remarkable recovery of the victim and has proved once again to the world that the Pakistan police is indeed an audacious and valiant force.


Source: Dawn

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