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CPJ asks India to restore communication services in IOK

NEW YORK – The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), an independent supervising body, has expressed alarm at reports of a communication blackout and the arrest of a journalist in Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir amid an escalating political crisis. The Indian government on Monday had announced the revocation of a constitutional provision granting limited autonomy to […]

Social Media and its influence

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With the advancement of technology and induction of the fastest internet connections, the influence of social media has increased manifold. It has also helped in shaping public perceptions. That is why different lobbies heavily invest in building social media teams for the promotion of their agendas. As the social media has become inevitable part of […]

Cyber Crimes Court grants video leaks suspect interim bail

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ISLAMABAD: The Cyber Crimes Court of Islamabad on Tuesday granted interim bail to a suspected in the video leak case involving former accountability judge Mohammad Arshad Malik. The Islamabad High Court (IHC) had extended Mr Janjua’s interim bail until today (Wednesday), with directions to seek relief from the trial court. In his petition, Mr Janjua […]

Facebook unfolds tips to combat online harassment

Pakistan Press Foundation

Facebook aimed at educating its users through providing effective tips to control online harassment with the self-regulated techniques and easy monitoring of the content. If someone is making you feel bad or if being online is making you feel sad or stressed out, it is important to tell someone close to you. They will help […]

‘Digital policy should be backed by proper budget allocation’

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KARACHI: Discussing how digital technologies are transforming developing economies and the way forward for Pakistan, speakers at a symposium held on Saturday at a local hotel urged the government to allocate appropriate budgetary allocation to implement its digital policy. The speakers at the 14th symposium of the Pakistan Academy of Engineering titled ‘Preparing for our […]

Cyber security in the age of AI

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In a constantly progressing cyber threat landscape where antivirus software and firewalls are considered tools of antiquity, organizations are now looking for more technologically advanced means of safeguarding classified and sensitive information. Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking the position as a warrior against digital threats across the globe. It has not only become popular in […]

New policy soon to regulate social media

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ISLAMABAD   –    Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) chairman on Friday told the Senate Special Committee that the government was going to introduce a new policy to regulate social media in the country. PTA Chairman Major General (r) Amir Azeem Bajwa asked the government either to increase technical capabilities of the Authority or block social media websites in the country in […]

Experts highlight role of APIs in transforming digital landscape

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Telenor Pakistan Thursday organised thought leadership forum titled ‘Digitising Pakistan through Application Programme Interface (APIs)’ at its 345 Campus to accelerate the pace of digitisation. The event was attended by industry experts, government and semi-government officials, digital entities, small and large businesses, startups, digital distribution and retail partners in addition to Telenor Pakistan’s top management. […]

Time of use – more than just a Whatsapp message

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In the age of social media, rumours and misinformation spread at an alarming rate. And when the information pertains to electricity rates, a subject that almost everyone has an opinion on, this is often doubly true. Over the past few weeks, a message attributed to an anonymous person’s equally anonymous friend working at a power […]

Internet surveillance

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REPORTS of the government installing the Web Monitoring System (WMS) first came to prominence when questions relating to its set-up were raised in the Senate regarding the type of company that has been tasked to supply the technology. The WMS is, on the face of it, being installed by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority to monitor, […]

Transforming digital learners into digital leaders

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KARACHI: Hope is a dangerous thing for us to have at a time of crisis, but hope-spurring action can be a beautiful thing. When four million young people enter the Pakistani workforce annually, with very limited capacity to absorb them into the economy, it seems impossible. But with a clever game plan, this threat can be […]

SECP holds second ‘Design Thinking Workshop on LEAP

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ISLAMABAD: The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has held second Design Thinking Workshop on LEAP in Karachi. Leading Efficiency through Automation Prowess (LEAP) is the SECP’s project for end-to-end process automation and digital transformation, said a press release received here on Friday. The primary focus of this initiative was to facilitate ease of […]

Cyber-attack on nuclear assets a new threat

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Cyber threat to nuclear weapon deterrent is an emerging challenge, said International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) ex-director Dr Tariq Rauf. “United States and Israel have opened a new Pandora’s Box by launching a cyber-attack against Iran,” Dr Rauf said at a roundtable titled Current Challenges to Arms Control. Centre for International Strategic Studies (CISS) had […]

Child pornography on decline in Pakistan: PTA chairman

Pakistan Press Foundation

ISLAMABAD: Child pornography is on the decline in Pakistan, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Chairman retired Maj Gen Amir Azeem Bajwa claimed before a Senate committee meeting on Wednesday. Mr Bajwa told the Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication: “In fact, Google wanted to know how we achieved the declining trend of access to […]