‘Proficient environmental journalism sorely needed’ | Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF)

Pakistan Press Foundation

‘Proficient environmental journalism sorely needed’

Pakistan Press Foundation

Karachi: Speakers at a workshop on environmental reporting for journalists of Chachro and Islamkot highlighted the need for detailed and improved coverage of climate change related issues in Pakistan.

“Increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, caused by burning of fossil fuels for industrial use, land use and population pressures, the global average temperature has increased by about 0.6 degrees centigrade,” said environmentalist Nasir Ali Panhwar in his address at the workshop, which was organised by the Research and Development Foundation (RDF).

“Pakistan is also vulnerable to the consequences of climate change; rainfall patterns have changed significantly and frequency of droughts has increased. The prolonged drought spells have affected agriculture and livestock in Thar and other arid regions of Sindh, and the food insecurity and persistent poverty remains a major cause of child mortality in Thar,” said Panhwar. Senior journalist Sohail Sangi said local journalists have played a pivotal role in highlighting drought related issues, with the global outcry over the most recent episode in Thar being a prime example.

“Journalists must try to dig out facts, explore the root causes of problems and report it with responsibility,” he said.

As for Thar, Sangi said agriculture was no more a viable option for the locals, but livestock rearing still held immense potential for sustainable livelihoods.

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