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I AM a Pakistani and have been residing in Beijing for the last few months. One thing that I miss here most is the entertainment provided by news channels and spicy talk shows back home. But some time we get a chance to view these shows on the Internet, getting in touch with the recent crises like CNG, power shortage and railways downfall, faced by the people.

On the other hand, our national TVgives only the peaceful view of the country. This opinion of mine can be taken in two ways.

First, observing the greatness of our government on PTV makes everybody happy that thereisnoissuein Pakistan other than the danger to democracy, and the viewer maturity compromises on this. He can never reach a conclusion on the current situation because `all is well` according to the national TV.

Secondly, the national TV, unlike the private channels, does not give minute details of the issues the country is facing, though sometimes it is not required at all.

Balance should be there for a better and educated society and for the learning of a common man.

Unfortunately, both national and private TV channels are not doing so.

Beihang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics