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Media for a better future

A LOT is happening in the country beside the political and judicial drama. While the media has played a positive role in creating awareness of the common man, it must continue to play a role ofan anchor.

Many talk shows are too focused on politics and exposing politicians that the educated class is gradually losing interest in the news. This is alarming and at some stage can be critical.

There are issues like the US consulate`s encroachments on the footpath and issues like the US having problems with the Pakistan-Iran pipeline. We, as public, now know that we have shortage of energy due both to corruption and lack of resources.

Extensive news coverage of shortage of energy channels can help us overcome this problem and create awareness among the masses for both production and conservation of energy.

News channels create massive hype on several topics, but later fail to keeptrack on developments. A recent example is the blockage of Nato containers to Afghanistan. There is no regular update on the situation of trucks at borders and ifitis assured that no shipment is going into Afghanistan for Nato forces. It is time we took initiatives to improve people`s life and looked forward to a better future.


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