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Misuse of media strength

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Sir: Freedom of expression is the most dominant and prominent feature that has the potential to introduce Pakistan to the world as the most liberal, moderate and tolerant country. If one has a tongue in their mouth or a pen in their hand, they are always at liberty to say whatever they like. Talking against institutions of national importance has become fashionable rather than a symbol of personal strength and might. No doubt this atmosphere of liberty and freedom has made the fourth estate strong. Fortunately, or unfortunately, in Pakistan, media men and women are stronger than anyone else. They are so powerful that they are always in a position to topple the government, to defame personalities and to discolour the picture of reality. It is the liberty of expression that has honoured them with a license to blame whoever they desire.

The worst example of the misuse of this strength and authority was noticed by the nation a few days back when terrorists took the lives of more than 28 innocent citizens including students, nurses, doctors and people from the local administration and the law enforcement agencies in Quetta. On the same day, the arson attack on Quaid’s Ziyarat Residency also took place. Just after these painful incidents, two of the senior most anchors on television simply started dragging the Pakistan Army and the ISI into the scenario as the ‘real culprits’ operating behind the scenes. They were so heated up in this discussion that they even forgot to condemn the terrorists and to condole with the families of those killed. Some people say that these two anchors were right to do so because they were honestly doing their job and they had no other way but to please their masters. In my personal view, blaming others without any proof is dishonesty. These senior anchors must produce evidence to prove the allegations levied by them against the army and the intelligence agencies.


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