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Importance of social media

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Sir: The importance of social media is increasing rapidly. It is the main source of information as well as a source of enjoyment. People from all disciplines are benefiting from it. Through the social media, people can trade and advertise. It is a two-way communication system. Educational institutes are also using this opportunity. Students remain in touch with universities and colleges and are able to get up-to-date information about courses, admissions and scholarships. When I was in college and university it was an important task to see the notice board because news about all the scholarships and other activity schedules were posted there. Now, a student does not need to go and see the merit lists on notice boards. This is a good tool for students from far-flung areas. They can come to know about important things by visiting Facebook pages and university websites.

However, many people are still unaware of the many uses of social media. They visit universities to get admission information. Then they come to submit the forms. Then they visit again to check merit lists. Parents also suffer during this admission process, because many students are coming to urban cities for the first time. In Pakistan, both government and private institutes are availing the social media. This is a positive step. Social media is useful and should be made easily accessible for all.

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