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Rally against blocking of website turns violent

KARACHI: At least three passenger vehicles were set on fire on Tuesday evening when a heavy police contingent tried to stop the participants of a rally organized by the Shia Action Committee (SAC) to stop them from going towards the office of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Sharae Faisal. They were protesting against the […]

CJ takes suo moto notice of obscene TV shows, internet sites

By: Ansar Abbasi ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has taken notice of the applications filed by former Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) amir Qazi Hussain Ahmad and retired judge and PTI leader Justice Wajiuddin against growing vulgarity and obscenity in the society through electronic media, illegal Indian channels, cable network and internet. Following the complaints from the […]

Amid his biggest critics, Rehman Malik the hero basks in glory

By: Saher Baloch Karachi: Adviser to the Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik, who complained the other day about receiving abusive comments on Twitter, was all smiles on Sunday as he met with the organisers of the Social Media Mela 2012 for a chit-chat. Malik became a hero for the social media when he stepped […]

Twitter is the new newsroom: The changing face of journalism

By: Sana Jafrani KARACHI: At Saturday’s session on Twitter in the newsroom, a consensus seemed to emerge that social media cannot replace mainstream media; rather, they have to work in tandem to be effective. The session was moderated by popular tweeter who goes by the handle @mighty obvious, Hassan Belal. The panel included Indian journalist […]

Social Media Mela: Miscreants with a mouse

By: Usman Liaquat KARACHI: Just had a bitter break-up? Scramble to protect your accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. According to Sabbah Haji, an avid writer and director of Haji Public School, there are many whose private information on social networking sites has been misused by spiteful exes. This was just one of the many […]

Twitter scares me, says Taimur Rahman

By: Yousuf Saifuddin KARACHI: The idea of promoting the rights of the labour class through music at a top tier five-star hotel hosting a social media ‘mela’ might come across as an oxymoron, but Dr Taimur Rahman of Laal the band is quick to refute that notion in the same breath by adding that today’s […]

Social media activists share their secret recipes

By: Sidrah Roghay Karachi: It was only when pictures of flood victims beating up Faisal Kapadia and Awab Ali circulated on the social media that a tremendous inflow of funds entered their bank accounts. The money flew in from all over the world. “In our first year [2011], we managed to raise $317,000, the tipping […]

Indian writers discuss the craft of storytelling

Karachi: Two Indian writers talked about their struggle with the pen, which they called “a craft and a tool”. In a session titled; the art of storytelling, Jugal Mody author of a book, Joke, and Annie Zaidi, a journalist, poet, playwright and author of two books discussed their experiences, as Mohsin Siddiqui, moderated the event. […]

Media’s role in promoting basic rights discussed

KARACHI: The role of the media in the promotion of fundamental rights in Pakistan was examined by a group of concerned citizens and media persons at a discussion arranged by the Centre for Civic Education Pakistan here on Saturday. Setting the pace for the discussion, the centre’s executive director, Zafarullah Khan, said that even though […]

Social media: human rights and trolls discussed

KARACHI: The country’s religious majority has to own problems being faced by the minorities or else things will not change, said Anthony Permal on Saturday, the last day of Pakistan-India Social Media Mela 2012. Being one of the panellists, Mr Permal was speaking during a session titled ‘Connecting with the world in their own voice: […]

Shia killing watchdog site apparently banned

The website was blocked on Saturday evening. A website which acts as watchdog for murder of Shias, motivated by sectarian differences,, was apparently blocked on Saturday night. Visitors were greeted with a “this webpage is not available” sign as they tried to access the site. Many people from Pakistan on the social media site […]

Rehman Malik swoops in to save the day

By: Usman Liaquat KARACHI: Users of social media in Pakistan are well aware of the fact that Rehman Malik, adviser to the prime minister on interior affairs, is often ridiculed online. But if he hadn’t swooped in to save the day, the Indians from across the border wouldn’t have been able to make it to […]

Social Media Mela: Justice Javed Iqbal told me to ‘tweet on’

By: Tehmina Qureshi KARACHI: Sohaib Athar – who turned into a celebrity overnight after he inadvertently live tweeted the entire May 2 raid that killed Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad – had an air of nonchalance about the impact of his tweets. But perhaps the audience at the Social Media Mela had been expecting some […]

A call for media ethics

By: Zahra Peer Mohammed KARACHI: It wasn’t Maya Khan that was being attacked – it was the mindset behind what she did. Activist and journalist Beena Sarwar opened the talk on the ‘Maya Khan Takedown’ at the Social Media Mela and set the tone for the session. The speakers, including activist Marvi Sirmed and blogger […]