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New Media

Media for a better future

A LOT is happening in the country beside the political and judicial drama. While the media has played a positive role in creating awareness of the common man, it must continue to play a role ofan anchor. Many talk shows are too focused on politics and exposing politicians that the educated class is gradually losing […]

New Media

Memogate and media

The SC has constituted a judicial commission on memo-gate issue but it is our misfortune that some lawyers and media persons, prior to the verdict of the commission, have started blaming Army and ISI over the memo-gate issue directly or indirectly. In this regard, their irresponsible approach is not only misguiding the general masses, but […]

New Media

Facebook mania

Sir: Facebook has quickly become a household necessity not only in Pakistan but the entire world. Not only is it popular among the youth, the community belonging to other age groups has grown a substantial fondness for the network. For some reason this fact upsets me, rather alarms me to some extent. It makes me […]

New Media

The youth and media: sensationalism and ratings

Ali Moeen Nawazish The media has become a power broker in the past eight years in an unprecedented way in Pakistan. It has in a way become the fourth pillar of the state. With this increased role and influence the youth looks up to the media in the same way as it looks up to […]

New Media

Memogate and the media

By: Irfan Husain I WONDER sometimes when the great and the good of Islamabad find the time to do their normal work, considering they are appearing before – or preparing briefs for – parliamentary committees and courts almost daily. Hardly a day passes without breathless reports in the newspapers and television networks on the comings […]

New Media

Social media for ‘changeÂ’

Sir: Social media is bringing a revolution to the world but we, the people of Pakistan, are still far from that ‘revolution’. We use social websites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) just for entertainment. The youth of this land upload their funny photos, videos and tagged pictures and songs from different websites for other friends. On […]

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