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YouTube sensation ‘Fish’ singer to visit family in Lahore

By: Murtaza Ali Shah

LONDON: Pakistani student from Pattoki who has become an overnight singing sensation in Britain will be landing in Lahore on December 27 afternoon to meet his family and new legions of fans in Pakistan.

Muhammad Shahid Nazir, 31, whose song ‘One Pound Fish’ has given him worldwide fame told The News that recent reports about his visa problems in Britain were completely untrue. “I will never break the rules and go against the law of the country that has given me so much in such a short time that it would not have been possible anywhere else in the world. British public is great and big-hearted,” the singer, who has four children, spoke to this correspondent at the Queen’s Fish Market in East London.

“I will leave on 26th of December for Pakistan. My family has been waiting for me to share the joy and fame that I have been fortunate to get,” Shahid Nazir said. The News is aware that his recording label Warner Music will apply for visa for Shahid Nazir to America and European countries where his single is a huge hit and celebrities have been singing the untrained Pakistani singer’s song. America’s megastar Timbaland has rapped on Nazir’s song and his renegade song released by Warner Music for Christmas Number 1 fight has already been seen by nearly 7 million people on the Youtube. If all youtube hits on the original and the professionally released songs are combined then Shahid Nazir’s song has been watched by more than 20 million people. He has been interviewed by media from all over the world and not a single moment passes by in the Queen’s market when there is no media outlet filming or interviewing him.

“For me, this is only the beginning. I am least bothered about being no 29 in the Charts list. My song is the 4th most downloaded song and second most Googled song on internet. Praise be to Allah for His mercy. I intend to go on a world tour to promote my song and sing a few new songs which I have already written,” said the novelty artist, who was selling fish part-time to fund his studies only a couple of weeks ago and had no idea that his slogan-style ‘Come on Ladies, Come on Ladies, One Pound Fish” will make him an instant hit. Shahid Nazir’s popularity shows that his song could have reached a billion hits if only Youtube was not banned in Pakistan but Shahid Nazir refuses to comment on the Youtube due to the controversial nature of the ban in Pakistan. “Over the weekend I performed before 35,000 football fans at the East Ham football stadium and everyone was singing along. I could never have imagined that I will reach this stage. It’s a state of stupor and I don’t want to be awakened from it. It’s blissful.”

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