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Media Ethics

‘Paid news’ and the paymasters

CHIEF minister Omar Abdullah virtually jumps at the first available opportunity to sermonise media and media persons. Often enough he conveniently forgets his own role, as head of the government, in rewarding unprofessional traits and punishing professional uprightness within the media. Speaking in Srinagar on Thursday at the inaugural ceremony of the Kashmir edition of […]

Cable operators clarify news item

ISLAMABAD: Representatives of the Cable Operators Association (CAO) Saturday strongly rejected a news item that appeared in an English newspaper saying that the CAO and the Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) in an earlier rally agreed to black out the broadcast of illegal and obscene TV channels as well as the writ of senior journalist Ansar […]

TV talk shows

I am a frequent viewer of TV talk shows. Basic idea behind these shows is to educate people on certain issues. There should be an exchange of views in a polite way, but now it appears that our TV talk shows have lost their utility as well as credibility. Anchors and guests are shown screaming, […]

Declaration of assets

By: ABDUL SAMAD SAMO It’s quite interesting that some so-called popular anchors of the private TV channels of our country have been preaching to politicians, generals, judges and bureaucrats in their respective current affairs programmes for declaring their assets before the nation but have been avoiding to give the same lesson to their fellow journalists/anchors […]

The nanny court

By: Dr Mohammad Taqi It is this cherry picking of issues, petitioners and the amicus curiae that raise serious concerns about the ideological agenda of the Pakistani Supreme Court The Supreme Court of Pakistan has taken the hapless acting chairperson of the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulation Authority (PEMRA), Mr Abdul Jabbar to task again. Remember […]

Why government is ignoring media attacks on judiciary

By: Ahmad Noorani ISLAMABAD: While the government remains a silent spectator over the blatant and highly ridiculous content of some TV shows against the top judiciary and the chief justice, a few government-backed news channels are throwing fuel into this raging fire. What is being said and repeated on these channels is clearly unconstitutional as […]

Self-regulating the media

By: Basil Nabi Malik Recently on a Pakistani television channel, the live conversion of a minority member to the folds of Islam was broadcast as a momentous victory for Muslims everywhere, notwithstanding the sense of insecurity that it may have caused in other minority members of Pakistan already struggling in an increasingly conservative and intolerant […]

Cable operators directed to stop obscene shows

MIRPUR: The district administration here strictly ordered cable operators on Monday not to air Indian TV channels and vulgar programmes. The ordered was given after the administration started strict monitoring of the cable operators, official sources told APP. The administration took action on various public complaints about airing of certain objectionable programmes carrying obscene scenes […]

No policy to check TV programmes, Supreme Court told

By: Nasir Iqbal ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court was not surprised on Monday when the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) stated that the government had a policy to monitor TV programmes, especially of foreign channels, nor it had a clear definition of obscenity. Pemra’s acting chairman Abdul Jabbar was of the opinion that obscenity or […]

Case filed in SC against Abidi, TV anchor, Pemra

By: Usman Manzoor & Sohail Khan ISLAMABAD: A contempt of court petition has been filed in the Supreme Court against Senator Faisal Raza Abidi, a private TV anchor and Dr Abdul Jabbar, acting chairman of the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra), for deliberately maligning the judiciary and criticising the person of the chief justice […]

Press Council Pakistan emphasizes pursuing media code of conduct

LAHORE: Raja Shafqat Khan Abbasi, Chairman Press Council of Pakistan on Friday underscored the need for acting upon media code of ethics. “Ethics for journalists are very much there and impression against its non-existence is unrealistic,” he added. Talking to media persons at the Council’s newly established regional office at Aiwan-e-Iqbal he said the code […]

Serving the interests of…

By: Gulmina Bilal Ahmad After a decade of the initiation of an evolution that engulfed the media, it is perhaps time for it to assess the standards of journalism currently being practiced. As Ted Turner states, “Just because your ratings are bigger doesn’t mean you’re better.” This is the realisation that the Pakistani media is […]

Government asked to close all illegal Indian channels

By: Ansar Abbasi ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani defence establishment has demanded of the government to immediately close all illegal Indian channels to check India’s hostile agenda against Pakistan, specifically targeting the young generation, Pakistani culture and its nationalism. According to Information Ministry sources, the defence establishment had repeatedly conveyed its extreme concern to the Pakistan Electronic […]

Asma’s appeal to Pemra

LAHORE: Asma Jahangir has called on the Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) to take notice of the “manner in which TV channels have shown conversion of a young Hindu boy”. In a statement on Tuesday, she called the incident ‘distasteful’ and a way of spreading religious intolerance. Dawn