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I have proof of bribe to TV channels

ISLAMABAD: Opposition Leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Thursday said he will stick to his statement that President Asif Ali Zardari was doling out billions of rupees to favoured TV channels in the name of advertisements as part of pre-poll rigging.

In a statement, he said those in Zardari’s circle were trying to distort his statement and were quoting it out of context. “I always talk on the basis of proof,” he said, adding he had also heard a recording of a talk between the persons who were involved in the whole game.

He said he never criticised the media as a whole, but of the matter of embezzlement of billions of rupees from the national exchequer in the name of advertisements and distribution of money to some TV channels through some specific people.

The opposition leader said on the one hand the political leadership talked of an independent Election Commission and transparent elections, but on the other hand, billions of rupees were being siphoned off through people who were working under the garb of media men.

He said the Presidency had been the centre of such activities and those who were involved in the whole game used to stay and visit the Presidency in Islamabad.Nisar reiterated that he or his party had nothing to do with differences between TV channels. “Neither I nor my party have any personal enmity with any TV channel, media house or any anchorperson, rather some elements are bringing a bad name to the media,” had he said.

He said the media had the right to criticise the PML-N, but when the national exchequer is embezzled to use media groups against the PML-N, then it is the PML-N’s right to bring all the facts before the nation.

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