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Media Ethics

Electronic media

By: MOMINA GHANI Lahore: I want to draw the attention of our authorities to the role of the electronic media, which is only focused on politics. I believe there is a need for local media to broaden its focus beyond the petty concerns of politicians. It should bring into focus some bigger issues that are […]

Few suggestions for TV channels

By: AMER FAROOQI I want to suggest a few things to TV channels that I think can enormously improve their quality; this is especially for the news channels. 1. Pronunciation of many anchors / representatives in various cities is bad. Anchors must go through training before coming live on TV. 2. A rule should be […]

Media and violence

By: ANWAR PARVEEN, Media plays an important role in the formation of a society but unfortunately, today it is constantly playing with our thoughts and reasoning. Crime-related programmes are aired daily on almost all news channels. The re-enacted scenes of outrageous violence leave negative impressions on young and immature minds. These programmes show how murder […]

Whither ‘media asool’?

By: EMES HASAN KARACHI: It seems that the Pakistani media, both the print and electronic, is trying to self-regulate itself and address issues, emanating amidst allegations of corruption in the media, yellow journalism, paucity of communication ethics, less than desired level of institution’s professional and social responsibility. Interestingly, two of the domestic TV anchors, have […]

Violent movies on show

By: NAILA MASOOD Rawalpindi: The Pakistani masses are already going through mental agony because of suicide attacks and the so-called ‘war on terror’. I remember when I was a child, our parents used to stop us from watching movies or dramas that contained violence or horror. Now there is bloodshed everywhere. Nobody knows who is […]

Justice Khosa recuses himself from contempt hearing against TV anchors

ISLAMABAD: Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, the judge of Supreme Court, on Wednesday recused himself from hearing of contempt case against television anchors. “I have expressed my views at a forum on the leaked tape of TV programme, so I will not sit in the bench,” Justice Khosa remarked while hearing the contempt case. A three-member […]

Hamid Mir, Veena Malik and Sheikh Rashid — Dr Qaisar Rashid

Poor Mir could not match the expertise of Veena Malik but he, through his writ petition, challenged the rating-obsession of the TV channel owners In Pakistan, the number one anchorperson may be Hamid Mir, the number one film actress may be Veena Malik, but TV talk shows’ number one guest is none other than Sheikh […]

JI seeks judicial probe against media black sheep

LAHORE: Jamaat-e-Islami chief Munawar Hasan on Monday demanded accountability of the black sheep of the media and strict action against those involved in corruption. In a statement, he referred to petitions filed by some media persons in the Supreme Court and demanded a judicial inquiry into the allegations levelled against them. The media persons had […]