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Media students unfazed by financial crunch plaguing industry

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The financial crisis that has been plaguing the entire media industry in Pakistan is a harsh reality that everyone associated with it has been affected by in some ways, if not completely. But students who are yet to enter the so-called glamorous world of the media are either in denial of the prevalent situation or […]

Pakistan high risk country for media pluralism: report

Pakistan Press Foundation

ISLAMABAD: A collaborative research study, the Media Ownership Monitor (MOM) Pakistan — carried out by the global media rights organisation Reporters Without Borders and Pakistani media watchdog Freedom Network — has found Pakistan a “high risk country” in terms of media pluralism. The study says more than half of the mass media ownership in Pakistan is […]

Dawn Editor honoured with Gwen Ifill award

Pakistan Press Foundation

KARACHI: The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has announced Gwen Ifill Press Freedom Award of 2019 for Dawn Editor Zaffar Abbas. The award is presented annually to an individual who has shown extraordinary and sustained achievement in the cause of press freedom. “Abbas, who has decades of experience as a reporter in Pakistan, […]

Newsmen urged to keep abreast of modern technology

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An interactive brainstorming session to assess the modern training needs of today’s journalists was conducted by the Corporate Relations and Communications Department (CRCD) in collaboration with the Centre for Excellence in Journalism at the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi (CEJ-IBA). The session was attended by journalists from various media houses. The informal session started off […]

APNS invites entries for journalist awards

Karachi: The All Pakistan Newspapers Society is seeking applications of journalists, photographers, cartoonists of member publications to submit their respective entries for the 23rd APNS Journalist Awards. Editors, chief executives of member publications may also forward the entries on behalf of their journalists for the contest. The entrants are not allowed to send entries for […]

APNS for commemorating National Newspaper Reading Day

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Karachi: The APNS has proposed commemorating the National Newspaper Reading Day on September 25th, 2019 to encourage reading habits in the country with particular emphasis on newspaper reading. This proposal was given by Hameed Haroon, President, and Sarmad Ali, Secretary General of All Pakistan Newspapers Society, to improve newspaper reading through a nationwide campaign catering […]

APNS announces categories for journalist awards

Pakistan Press Foundation

PR Karachi – All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) of the Sarmad Ali has announced categories that constitute 23rd APNS Journalist Awards. According to a press release, journalists/ photographers/ cartoonists of member publications have been asked to submit entries in any one the categories. The Editors / Chief Executives of member publications may also send the […]

Pakistan Press Foundation PPF Investigative Reporting Fellowships For Pakistani Journalists

Pakistan Press Foundation

Call for Applications Closing Date: July 2, 2019 Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) invites applications for the 5th batch of PPF Investigative Reporting Fellowships. The fellowships are part of “Supporting Investigative Journalism in Pakistan” project, which aims to facilitate Pakistani journalists to produce investigative report that meet the professional, ethical and legal standards. PPF will provide […]

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پاکستان پریس فاؤنڈیشن پی پی ایف کی جانب سے پاکستانی صحافیوں کے لیے فیلوشپ برائے تحقیقاتی رپورٹنگ کے لئے درخواستیں موصول کی جارہی ہیں آخری تاریخ 02 جولائی، 2019 پاکستان پریس فاؤنڈیشن (پی پی ایف) کی جانب سے فیلوشپ برائے تحقیقاتی رپورٹنگ  کے پانچویں بیچ کے لئے درخواستیں موصول کی جارہی ہیں۔ فیلوشپس  کے لئے […]

Media and development

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What has gone wrong with our economy? This is the most frequently asked question in Pakistan these days – particularly on TV talk shows. On a private TV channel last week, I was asked a hilarious question on the economic crisis and the anchorperson expected me to give a sensational answer. The question was not […]

New advertising policy in the offing: Awan

Pakistan Press Foundation

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan Tuesday said that a new advertising policy is being formulated while the wage board award for journalists will be discussed after Eid. Speaking at the Lahore Press Club today, Dr Firdous urged media to come forward for bringing about an improvement […]

Pakistan Advertisers Society hosts first-ever prestigious Effie Awards

Pakistan Press Foundation

KARACHI: The first Effie Awards Pakistan was held in Karachi on May 4th, 2019 under the auspicies of the Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS). With the affiliation of Effie Worldwide, PAS Awards, which is Pakistan’s most prestigious marketing effectiveness award programme, joined the global Effie network to become Effie Awards Pakistan. With more than 600 people […]

Activemedia bags international awards

Pakistan Press Foundation

Effie Pakistan is a non-profit organization formed in partnership between Pakistan Advertisers Society and Effie Worldwide. It recognizes outstanding marketing ideas. The award is presented to companies with significant achievement in marketing communications, with Activemedia taking multiple awards this year. Activemedia won Effie in 5 categories including Coca Cola Food and Music Festival (producers and […]

Jang Media Group wins Effie Award 2019

Pakistan Press Foundation

KARACHI: The Jang Media Group has won the prestigious Effie Award for its contribution towards the advertising and marketing industry for over 70 years. Effie Pakistan is a global initiative represented by the Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS). It highlights effectiveness in marketing communications, spotlighting marketing ideas that work and encourages marketing effectiveness. Effie has been […]