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Social media, Taliban’s tactical intelligence and NATO

Musa Khan Jalalzai The Afghan, NATO, US and European intelligence agencies have failed to fight the Taliban insurgency effectively through the social media The adoption of mobile applications, web-based applications, social media use for intelligence purposes and the worldwide web have changed our traditional way of life and business. We live in an evolving world […]

No chance of localised version of YouTube anytime soon

By: Farooq Baloch KARACHI: In all likelihood, YouTube will remain inaccessible in Pakistan for the foreseeable future. Islamabad’s negotiations with Google – the internet giant that owns YouTube – may prove fruitless unless Pakistan ensures legal support to the regulation of digital content, The Express Tribune has learned. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has been […]

Social media users in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Social media users in Pakistan are the haves as they are in the US and the UK. Just as in these other countries, Facebook is the most popular social networking site, followed by Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest. Thus, when it comes to social media, Pakistani internet users are treading the same path […]

Free proxy websites render YouTube ban ineffective

By: ANWAR KHAN A number of freely available proxy websites and software applications on internet have largely made the government’s ban on YouTube ineffective. Whether the government lifts the restriction or continues it further, the users will however feel no difference because of the available unblocking methods, telecom professionals said. The globally popular video sharing […]

The saga of YouTube ban

The saga of YouTube outage in Pakistan is a classic case of starting over without a closure. Hence, the YouTube opening last Friday brought only ephemeral joys to those eagerly waiting after the Prime Minster himself reportedly annulled the move. Since Google didn’t oblige to PTA’s request to block the contents of the sacrilegious anti-Islam […]

Lahore High Court imposes bars on internet usage

By: MIAN DAWOOD LAHORE: The Lahore High Court administration has introduced Internet Browsing Policy (IBP), imposing restrictions on the net surfing without permission. Justice Mansoor Ali Shah, the LHC Information Technology (IT) admin judge, has imposed the ban to avoid misuse of the internet. Under the policy, the officials have to get permission for the […]

Are we prepared for the cyber age?

By: Jawad Hussain Aadil ISLAMABAD: Skyfall, the most recent James Bond flick to hit the cinema screens, is premised on cybercrime. One of the scenes in the movie shows the antagonist, an evil genius, manipulating everything from stock prices to power systems from a laptop from a remote location. The possibility is not too far […]

To ban or not to ban?

ABOUT three-and-a-half months after it was imposed, the government announced that the ban on YouTube was finally to be lifted.The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority, it said, had now acquired a powerful software firewall to comprehensively block blasphemous online material such as the trailer of an anti-Islam film, Innocence of Muslims, which had led to the ban […]

YouTube unblocking/blocking

The government does not seem to know what it is doing or indeed should do about YouTube. It may be recalled that the government blocked YouTube some time ago on the grounds that the blasphemous material on YouTube was not being removed by the hosts, Google Inc. The material in question was the trailer of […]

YouTube blocked again on premier’s order

By: Jamal Shahid ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority shut down YouTube again on Saturday evening after opening the video-sharing website for about two hours. The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications (MoITT) directed the authority, which overlooks operations of all internet service providers in the country, to unblock the second most accessed website at 2:35pm. […]

Speakers term social media a harbinger of change

PESHAWAR: Participants at a seminar said that social media has played a tremendous role in bringing revolution (Arab Spring) in Arab countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and now in Syria. That’s why people dub it as Facebook or social media revolution, said speakers in a one-day seminar on the changing role of social media in […]


Malik tweets possible lifting of YouTube ban

By: Umer Nangiana / Zahid Gishkori / Gibran Ashraf ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Friday tweeted that the world’s largest video-sharing web portal, YouTube will be restored within 24 hours. Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT) officials told The Express Tribune that at least two stakeholders, the interior minister and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) […]


YouTube ban ‘century’

YouTube watchers in Pakistan have now had to endure 100 days in solitude. The video-streaming website, for some unfathomable reason, still remains banned in the country. The original excuse for the ban — that the website was hosting an anti-Islam video — can no longer be the justification given that few even remember anything about […]


New Year brings with it old problems for Pindi education board

By: Mudassir Raja RAWALPINDI: The fresh examination season has brought troubles back for the Rawalpindi board. The website prepared by the Punjab Information Technology (PIT) does not do what it was designed for: making it easy for candidates to submit their data. Students have been facing problems in registering online owing to multiple faults in […]