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Problems with plastic

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As the use of plastic products is on the rise in Pakistan, there seems to be a realisation among consumers as well as the government that use of certain products, such as plastic shopping bags, must be curtailed for their health and environmental hazards. But how practicable is it to ban plastic products? Shoaib Munshi, […]

Targeting marine life

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According to recent studies carried out by WWF-Pakistan, pollution caused by plastic items is very badly affecting marine life. Since plastic waste decomposes very slowly, it either floats in the open sea or piles up on beaches. Due to poor solid waste disposal system, coastline beaches of Karachi, Malir and Gwadar are littered with plastic […]

‘No country can ignore the impacts of climate change’

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KARACHI: Day two of the conference on climate change titled ‘An Existential Challenge for Pakistan’ organised by the Pakistan Institute of International Affairs (PIIA) comprised reading of several technical papers focusing on subjects including good governance and conservation, water resources and future projections. Speaking about good governance and conservation in the context of climate change, […]

Digitising our past-III

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An archive is just not a repository of the past: it is a lens into the reality of the present and the formation of the future. Hence the manner in which an archive is organised, accessed and utilised is critical not just for academic study but also the development of society. An archive also cannot […]

Pakistan Army hands over possession of Bajaur Press Club

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KHAR: As a gesture of goodwill towards the media, an army officer representing the security forces in Bajaur district handed over the possession of the building of the Bajour Press Club to its acting president Irfanullah. In a statement issued from the office of the acting President Irfanullah  Ullah it was said that Major  Raheel of […]

UN environment report

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THE UN has compiled an expansive draft report on the state of the world’s environment, and as the document’s key findings indicate, there is reason for grave concern. What the report sums up is the fact that due to decades of overconsumption and unsustainable lifestyles, humans have had a devastating impact on the planet. In […]

Sahafi Summit commemorates World Press Freedom

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The first-ever two-day Sahafi Summit was held in Karachi to discuss at length fast emerging challenges to journalism in Pakistan, including threats to independent news media from digital disinformation and financial cuts. Co-organised by Digital Journalists of Pakistan and Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Centre for Excellence in Journalism’s (CEJ) Media Matters for Democracy in […]