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Umar Cheema voted on global journalism network board

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ISLAMABAD: Investigative reporter of The News, Umar Cheema has been voted to the board of directors of Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN) in the first-ever elections that chose 15 members from different parts of the world.

He will hold this position for two years to represent Asia in this prestigious board that is comprised of distinguished journalists from different parts of the world. Another five journalists have also been voted as representatives for North America, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Europe. Remaining nine members have been chosen as representatives-at-large.

Cheema is also a member of International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), a global network of 160 reporters in more than 60 countries that collaborate on in-depth and cross-border investigations.

The GIJN is an association of 98 non-profit organisations in 44 countries dedicated to investigative reporting. “It’s a really strong board with a good mix of people from different countries and regions, and also a good combination of GIJN veterans and new members,” said GIJN cofounder Nils Mulvad. “In fact, there are also many great people who ran but were not elected this time. I hope we can count on them to help us where they have expertise.”

The GIJN members chose six regional representatives of six continents and nine at-large representatives for the board of directors. Umar Cheema has been chosen as regional representative of Asia for two-year term. Other five regional representatives are Brant Houston (North America), Rana Sabbagh (Middle East), Anton Harber (Africa), Margo Smit (Europe), and Fernando Rodrigues (Latin America).

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