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The other side of impermanence and decay

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The temporariness of things around us affects us in so many ways, as does decay. But there are those with a trained eye who find beauty in both change and decay.

The artworks put on display as by artists Nayab Noor and SM Raza at an exhibition “Impermanence”, which has been under way at the ArtChowk gallery in Clifton, are an effort to portray colour, texture and form to depict florescence and decay happening in the world.

According to Raza, “As you have seen the title of the show ‘Impermanence’, we are showing the impermanent or temporary nature of things, as everything is temporary in the world, and with the changing time everything is a facing change due to time, weather or sunlight.

“We have covered some natural objects, portraits or manmade things which change into different forms as time passes.” Speaking of subjects of his paintings, he says: “I have taken a very old car which is changing form, being rusty, but still there is beauty in it. Also, I have worked on a skin disease in which skin changes its colour but it’s still beautiful. So I have captured the decaying but beautiful objects in the form of paintings or drawings.”

Noor’s paintings portray her thoughts about the impact of light on different objects and how they are seen with or without light. “You must have observed that my whole work is on small canvases, which are some portraits, figures, spaces and objects.”

She says, “I have tried my best to show the impact of different things, for example, sunlight. My main focus in these paintings is on sunlight. I observe this light which changes its forms the whole day, leaving a reflection on our daily routine.

“Here you might have noticed that some of these paintings are my self-portraits divided in parts showing half face in light and the other half in darkness. The parts with light are highlighted. So, I’ve worked on the light changing its shades and how it is reflecting our lives and thoughts.”

Ayesha, a visitor, shared her experience, “I really enjoyed looking at the paintings and my favourite one is that of the peeling skin. The standard of human beauty is enhanced. It changes the whole thought process of a person by giving a message that there is a beauty in everything if one sees it.”

The exhibition is open till October 11.

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