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Social media to bring socioeconomic uplift

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LAHORE: Social media can play a vital role in socioeconomic uplift and image building of the country as voices heard in the virtual space come from different nooks and corners of Pakistan.

This was the crux of the first-ever international Urdu Bloggers Conference 2013, which was organised by the Asian Canadian Journalists Association (ACJA), held on Saturday at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI). The speakers said that despite the fact that the country has various print and electronic media outlets, the flogging video or double murder case came in the limelight through social media websites. Arab Spring is another major example of the strength of social media, they said.

Addressing the inaugural session of the conference, Mian Abuzar Shad, vice president of the LCCI, stressed the need to utilise collective wisdom of blogging and social media community to bring the country out of this socioeconomic turmoil.

He said that bloggers or social media writers are emerging as think-tank of the modern world that could provide innovative solutions to pressing problems. The business community is ready to invest in new ventures for the economic well-being and creating new job opportunities but it needs new ideas, which could come through these brilliant minds, he said.

Shad said that the leading businessmen, economists and politicians are already getting benefits but still there is a need to develop the culture of reading and writing. There is a need to promote Urdu blogging side-by-side English blogging.

Germany, Japan and China are the glaring examples of achieving progress and glory in every field, including economics, while sticking to their own national language and traditions.

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