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Social media can be a boon for Punjabi promotion

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LAHORE: Punjabi writers, poets and scholars have been exhorted to use the social media for promoting the Punjabi language in the wake of government’s apathy towards the cause.

“Intellectuals, scholars, poets and writers present should make effective use of social media for popularisation of the Punjabi language by posting English translations of contemporary Punjabi writings on the internet,” called World Punjabi Congress chairman Fakhar Zaman while speaking at Baba Farid Shakarganj Conference here on Thursday.

He said the Punjabi writers should not remain mired in purism and archaic vocabulary and make Punjabi a living language. He lamented that in the land of Punjabi Sufi poets the Punjabi language does not enjoy its proper status and the rightful place.

He repeated his demand that Sufism should be taught as a compulsory subject at colleges and universities, and Punjabi should be introduced at the primary level and a Punjabi University in Lahore be established preferably by updating the existing Punjab Institute of Language, Art and Culture.

Mr Zaman said that in this hour of decadence, darkness and moral bankruptcy, the Sufi poets serve as a beacon light to guide us through.

He said Baba Farid was the first known Sufi poet of the subcontinent whose poetry’s imagery, diction and symbolism influenced all the later Sufi poets till the last Mian Mohammad Bakhsh.

Over a span of seven and a half centuries Baba Farid’s exposition of have-nots and the downtrodden gave a philosophy of progressivism, justice and equality.

The WPC chairman announced that the next conference would be held on Shah Hussain to be followed by conferences on Sultan Bahu, Khwaja Farid, Shah Abdul Lateef Bhittai, Sachal Sarmast, Shah Inayat, Rehman Baba, Khushaal Khan Khattak, and Mast Tawwakali.

Dr Imrana Mushtaq, president of International Writers Council, dwelt at length on the different shades and dimensions of Baba Farid’s poetry.

Prof Tahira Jabeen, Raja Nayyar and Fakhira Shuja recited some famous ‘dhoras’ of Baba Farid and explained them in detail.

A naatiya mushaira was held after Iftari.