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Pakistani producers should work harder to get films released in India, says Indian film-maker

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LAHORE: The ban on Indian content in Pakistan and vice versa has been an ongoing debacle for quite a while now. Most events have industry insiders discussing the matter and the recent Shaan-e-Pakistan Music Awards Press Conference was no different.

Numerous showbiz personalities shared their views, including Indian film producer Rakesh Sabharwal. “Many people believe that there is a ban on Pakistani films and artists within India. While the latter is true to some extent, there is no such ban on films,” Sabharwal told The Express Tribune at the media junket. “The Indian film organisation that was demanding a ban on Pakistani films does not have much value within the country thus their demands were not met.”

The producer went on to share that those who complain about their local films not releasing in India, should ask Pakistani film producers  as to why their efforts are lacking. “Producers from Pakistan need to put in a lot more work to have their films released across the border.”

He continued, “Pakistan’s cinema industry has been growing due to the release of various Indian films but that has all been down to the efforts of Indian film-makers. We have seen a time when the response to Indian films was extrememly low and hardly anyone was willing to watch our films in cinemas. However, we did not give up.”

Sabharwal explained that Indian film-makers overcame the tough times by “begging” Pakistan’s film distributors to screen Indian films in Pakistan. “It is due to this struggle that Indian films are now receiving such huge recognition within Pakistan.”

He added, “There have been very few Pakistani film releases across the border yet we have not seen producers trying to promote their films in India. Now, it’s come to a point where, due to several issues, we must first attempt to improve relations between the two nations.”

The Warrior Savitri producer has been visiting Pakistan for the purposes of Shaan-e-Pakistan Awards for the last three years. “I am a man of showbiz and believe that music is a universal language. We can use this  connection between the two countries can in our favour; for increasing positivity.” He added, “Music has no boundaries and I have seen that here in Pakistan. Whenever I visit, I receive immense love and respect. I would also like to take out a moment to appreciate the fact that Shaan-e-Pakistan Awards welcomes the participation of singers from various other Asian countries.”

The organiser of the event, Huma Nasr announced that Shaan-e-Pakistan Music Awards will be held on March 22, 2019, in Lahore. She provided that singers from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and the UK other countries will participate.

Also speaking at the conference was philanthropist and ex-politician Yousuf Salahuddin who mentioned that Lahore is enriched with young talent, especially in the field of music. “It is due to said young talent that our music industry is stronger than ever.”

Meanwhile, singer Rabi Pirzada stated that Shaan-e-Pakistan brings with it expectations from audiences and industry insiders alike, regarding further improvement in showbiz.

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