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Sir: As far as I understand the purpose of morning shows has been to entertain and give a fresh start to viewers. Light-hearted, inspirational and soft news are to be shared with the audience. On the contrary, the morning shows in Pakistan have become marriage celebration slots. Interestingly, the same couple is shown tying the knot on different channels on different occasions. The extravaganza thrown to celebrate these marriages is enough to put any middle and low middle class person to shame over his financial inability to do the same. Seventy percent of our society is composed of poor people and 50 percent are illiterate. We can well imagine the level of frustration such programmes can create. Already the parents of girls are hard put to find a suitable match for their wards because of financial strains. Such programmes reinforce greed and put a stamp on the practice of spending beyond one’s means in marriages.

We live in an Islamic country and simplicity is one of the basic tenets of Islam. The artificial lifestyle displayed in the morning shows is in contradiction with our values.

It is the responsibility of the media to present a moderate picture of the Pakistani lifestyle and the pattern of morning shows should be changed.

Maham Jaffery

Daily Times