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Misuse of technology

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THE need for internet, mobile phones, social media [etc] is increasing with each passing day and these things have become essential in routine life. For some people such things are unavoidable as their entire business activities and social life depend on them, but many [people] are misusing these facilities. They not only misuse their precious time and money but also create problems for their families and for the whole society. Everyone knows that excess in [anything] is always bad. Unfortunately, our new generation is wasting a lot of time [indulging] in such things, mainly in net cafés and video game [arcades] with no check from their parents. …

The majority of our people come from humble family backgrounds. … They have to fulfil their [children’s] wishes at all cost, even if they have to beg. … No doubt parents want their children to enjoy life and learn about the latest technologies, but they are least bothered about keeping an eye on their routine to stop them from indulging in negative activities. NGOs organise seminars … on rights of children, women and workers, but they have failed to create awareness among the people [about this issue], especially [amongst] those belonging to the low-income group. There is a dire need to raise awareness [about the misuse of technology to protect] … children. …— (April 22)