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Junoon’s Reunion Concert stimulates nationalism: Ali Azmat

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KARACHI: The countdown has begun for the biggest ever music festival “Sooper Hey Pakistan Ka Junoon,” being jointly organised by Peek Freans Sooper and Geo TV Network on December 25 at the Moin Khan Academy, formerly known DHA Sports Club.

The secret of the Reunion Concert plan was revealed by singer Ali Azmat and guitarist Salman Ahmed of the rebellious rock band “Junoon” along with EBM’s director Shah Zain Munir during a chitchat at Geo News.

Shah Zain Munir said the purpose of the theme “Sooper Hey Pakistan Ka Junoon” was to spark Pakistanism. He said the biggest music event in the history of the country was enthusiastically welcomed by the people.

Zain thanked the Geo News for creating such a hype for the event, as tickets had almost been sold out. He said the participants were not only Pakistanis, but also the foreigners and all were very excited for the event.

Ali Azmat said he and Salman Ahmed had a bit distance but for the last several years the reunion was on the cards and they never thought about starting with such a big opportunity to have a reunion concert. He said before the media freedom, people feared to talk about issues and it was the reason they were banned.

Azmat said when he was working as a solo artist, most of the companies demanded him to make a song like “Ae Jazba Junoon tu Himmat Na Har” but it was not easy to create such phenomenal work again.

“We are going to reunite and hopefully something good will be produced,” he said.

Salman Ahmed said he started his career with “Vital Sign” with late Junaid Jamshed and sooner finished with first album; it was understood that I am not comfortable with my debut band. He said Ali Azmat was his neighbour and frequently visited his house where the duo listened to and enjoyed the same music.

Salman said, “We never thought about working together at that time. Meanwhile, I saw a lustrous man in my dream shaking me with the words “Tumhain Junoon Hey,” Tumhain Junoon Hey” and when I awoke I felt the same sentence — “Tuhmain Junoon Hey” — echoing in my mind.

The guitarist said the songs that were rejected by the ‘Vital Sign,’ later recorded with Ali Azmat received people’s acceptance.

He strongly criticised the people who imposed ban on them. He said their early songs were not properly understood, as the music had various flavours and colours, including rock band, Sufi music and romantic songs.

Salman Ahmed said their songs had a message for different generations and they would continue with new intuitions.

Talking about the reunion, Salman said a team of Peek Freans Sooper came to Lahore on a rainy day and they finally reached a reunion. He said nothing could be said about the 2019 World Cup but something new would come soon the next year.

Everyone in the studio caroled Junoon’s songs. Talking about the Reunion Concert in the city, the Karachiites said the return of ‘Junoon’ was a revolutionary beginning for the music industry adding that the artists needed encouragement.

A female music lover said they were very excited about the return of “Junoon” and wished they would enliven people with their thrilling music.

The participants of the Geo News programme said people would appreciate their singers and artists and attend the concert.

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