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Coke Fest 2018 concludes in Karachi

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The Coke Food and Music Festival 2018, that commenced in Karachi on December 14, came to an end on Sunday after a three-day, successful run. The festival opened doors to numerous eateries that served local as well as continental cuisines while music reigned supreme at the event. An interesting lineup of artists including Asim Azhar, Sahir Ali Bagga, Quadrum and Josh took the stage during the three-day festival.

Aside from a wide range of food items and great music, the festival had a separate area for kids’ entertainment. Entry and exit points, as well as the parking area and collection of garbage, were well managed, allowing for a smooth experience for visitors. However, the ticket price, that is, PKR 450 per person was slightly more than the usual, which is around PKR 300-350.

A large number of people turned up at the Coke Fest 2018, which has kicked off the food festival season that begins this time every year. It will be followed by Karachi Eat in January. Those who attended the festival had mixed views about the Coke Fest though; some thought it was an amazing forum to enjoy various kinds of food while others felt that there was nothing new to offer. We feel it had its highs and lows but overall, it was a good way to spend the weekend with families and friends.

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