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Facebook and our youth

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If you have safety check on your children signed in social networks like twittering, Facebook, whatsapp and viber… you may shock of your life. While we are social media enthusiasts and addicted to networking, we still believe that use of social media by the youth needs some careful steps.

Facebook is a top social networking site that is used allover the world.

This website allows people to get in touch with friends and family members near or far, and people are addicted to using it.

It not only allows a person to contact people, but it helps an individual stay informed about the world around them.

However, parents in Pakistan believe that this website has a negative impact on the youth.

The negative impact of Facebook is that it is diverting students from their school work.

It is something that kids can spend hours and hours on.

Facebook allows kids to play games, chat with their friends and like their favourite pages.

This addiction is the problem that is the concern of many Pakistani people.

Pakistan has a very competitive environment.

Students here compete to get into top colleges, universities, and to get the top jobs.

In order to get these things you must have good results from your exams, and you must have some extracurricular activities.

Facebook does not count as an extracurricular activity.

Kids have to strive and they work all off day and night, so that they can get what they really want.

There are not equal opportunities for every student, so the children in this country have to push their studies to the limit.

The more knowledge they have, the higher they will be able to get good result in their exams.

There is not everything bad about this social network.

Students can learn about Islam on Facebook, they can learn about their culture, they can share their personal experiences with their friends and family, they can get help from friends on homework and so much more.

This website should not be taken in a negative sense because networking and getting in touch and having a regular contact with people is also very important for survival.

If parents in Pakistan are having serious problems, then there is always the option of setting strict limits in sense of timings or blocking Facebook for good.

These strict limits may not seem fair to your child now, but they will soon learn that the competitive environment in this country doesn’t give opportunities to time wasters.

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