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Digital media report launched

Pakistan Press Foundation

ISLAMABAD: A report on mapping digital media on Friday documented ups and downs the Pakistani media faced in the last decade when it grew from one State run TV channel to over 100 today.

Launched by the Open Society Foundation in collaboration with a local NGO, Mishal, the report titled Mapping Digital Media Pakistan touched issues of media consumption.

The Foundation Open Society Institute–Pakistan promotes tolerance, accountability, and education to help Pakistan pursue major institutional reforms and contend with religious, political, and economic instability.

The report, which was part of a research and advocacy project, did not highlight anything new or significant and most of the findings were no-brainers.

The report examined the changes in-depth, aims to build bridges between researchers and policy makers, activists, academics and standard-setters across the world.

It also looked at effects on journalism imposed by new technology and how it was shaped in most societies.


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