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Death of writer Moin Qureshi condoled

Pakistan Press Foundation

Islamabad: Dr. S. M. Moin Qureshi’s services to Urdu literature are unforgettable. With his demise, Urdu literature has lost a great writer with a unique accent. This was stated by Prof. Dr. Yousuf Khushk, Chairman, Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) in a statement.

He said that Dr. S. M. Moin Qureshi was very proficient not only in Urdu but also in English. Apart from Pakistan, his columns were also published in foreign newspapers and magazines. Dr. Yousuf Khushk said that Dr. SM Moin Qureshi was also a very good comedian.

He has also written several books on comics and travelogues. He was the author of 27 books, including “Urdu Zaban-o-Adab History of Urdu literature”, “Ba Qalam Khudbakhud”, “Ab main likhkhoon keh na likhkhoon”, “Tears for Cheers” and other books are important assets for Urdu literature.

He was awarded the APNS Award for best columns writing. He said that the Sindh government awarded him a cash award and a gold medal for his literary services.

He was also a member of the Arts Council of Pakistan and the Pakistan American Cultural Center.

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