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Celebrating Pakistan’s Architectural Heritage — A Photographic Journey

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LAHORE: Pakistan is a country rich with diverse cultures and people – persons who have lent it its immense wealth of history, art and architecture. However, not many, even within the country appreciate or acknowledge this celebration of diversity manifested in ancient monuments all over Pakistan.

Fiaz Jamal’s solo exhibition at the Al Hamra Arts Council that opened on Tuesday, celebrates this journey through photographs.

Fiaz’s exhibition showcased shots from every corner of the country and ranged from our very celebrated Mughal forts and tombs to dilapidated Hindu temples in Multan and Lahore.

Of course, physical conservation is necessary but documentation through photography is a first step in the right direction. Fiaz told Daily Times, “The idea is to create more awareness among the people, most of whom don’t even know about the existence of these ancient sites. The aim is to celebrate as well as create awareness. And preserve an conserve these sites for posterity.” He said that the Mangla Devi Temple in Badami Bagh and the Dhiyyan Singh Temple in Samnabad are examples of two ancient sites within Lahore that people do not even know exist.

Tanya Suhail, the curator of the gallery said, “Of course, it was a good decision to put up this exhibition. The photographs were aimed at documenting the historical sites of Pakistan, but that aesthetic artistic element wasn’t very much there. Yet, I think photography is a great medium and that work and artists like this should be encouraged.”

Fiaz is a member of an organisation entitled Ancient-Pakistan, who collaborated with the Lahore Arts Council in bringing this exhibition to the public.

At the Ancient Pakistan, photographers and historians are busy in documenting the historical sites all over Pakistan. Their aim as stated above is to conserve. The initiative began in 2004. They have a small gallery at their head office premises as well, where they display their work.

This was Fiaz Jamal’s first-ever exhibition. The response from the public was great. The exhibition was inaugurated by renowned columnist and Chairman, Board of Directors, Al Hamra Arts Council, Atta ul Haq Qasmi.

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