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Pemra warns TV channels against defamatory satire

Mumtaz Alvi ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) Tuesday took serious note of what it called the creeping undesirable media practices, whereby television channels in particular had started invading the personal privacy in total disregard to social norms and ethics. The authority here in its 73rd meeting took a controversial morning show by a […]


PTV, cricket, racism

PTV introduced shocking racism in its 9pm news bulletin when it said the Pakistani victory over England at Dubai on Saturday had destroyed ‘white arrogance’. What the hell! Was race the issue? We all were thrilled by our victory, but, while bringing that racism in its news bulletin, PTV forgot that precisely at that moment […]



I AM a Pakistani and have been residing in Beijing for the last few months. One thing that I miss here most is the entertainment provided by news channels and spicy talk shows back home. But some time we get a chance to view these shows on the Internet, getting in touch with the recent […]


Children as TV victims

Farooq Sulehria Children glued to TV screens, watching cartoon fare mostly from the US, is a common sight these days in almost every urban household in Pakistan. With the disappearance of playgrounds in the country, children have not much of a choice either. Similarly, housewives coping with daily household chores find a convenient babysitter in […]