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Bazgasht echoes 100 years of Kinnaird College

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100 years of Kinnaird College was celebrated in classic manner as the Najmuddin Dramatics Society exhibited the century year old legacy of KC in a new fashion. The four day show concluded with a jam pack hall including many highlighted personalities.

With well-rehearsed dialogues and confident movements around the hall and on stage, the Najmuddin Dramatic Society captured the crowd taking them through history and struggle of the prestigious college.

The play, “Echoes – Bazgasht”, displayed the chronological history of KC stressing mainly on values, essence, and traditions of the college and also paying rich tribute to those who helped the intuition achieve milestones and be what it is today.

In the play, a tree planted in the premises of KC tells the story of the college revolution. Starting from the first six students admitted at KC in the 1910s till the office taking of the current principal and fundamental achievements in between, the performance of the students constantly played with the attention of the audience. Creative costumes, intelligent lighting, melodious choir, with a blend of the traditional Sitar, Tabla and flute showed off the versatility of institution.

The play also cut-slipped scenarios from other famous plays made in the college as it journeyed through time. Remembering all major students, dedicated staffers and selfless teachers the play memorized the crowd with the enlightening history of the intuition. The play concluded in smiles and thunder-like claps as the principal was called on stage to distribute awards and cut 100th anniversary cake.

Source: The Nation

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