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Rules for social media sought to control fake news

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HARIPUR: Speakers at an awareness session here the other day stressed the need for formulating rules for social media to control spread of fake news and disinformation. They said that disinformation was fabricated and shared online or by other means to harm others and manipulate facts. They said that both misinformation and disinformation made it […]

Murky murder

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The Arshad Sharif case is becoming murkier by the day as investigators have hinted at the transnational roles of characters in Dubai, Kenya, and Pakistan. As more discrepancies in the statements of the Kenyan police are coming to the fore, the Supreme Court has asked the government to form a special joint investigation team. The […]

Court cannot rule on moral grounds restricting freedom of expression, Sindh High Court (SHC)

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The Sindh High Court has issued a written order on the second petition against the release of Saim Sadiq’s film ‘Joyland’. According to a two-member bench headed by Chief Justice Sindh High Court Justice Ahmad Ali Sheikh, the petitioner claimed that the film promoted homosexuality. PM Shehbaz, N-leadership say IK’s propaganda exposed after Daily Mail […]

Aftab Iqbal’s satirical comedy show taken off air by Pakistani media watchdog

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ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s famous televangelist and journalist Aftab Iqbal’s show has been taken off the air days after performers mimicked a top official of a state institution. Without specifying an exact reason for the ban, Aftab Iqbal — a known critic of the Sharif-led government — took to Twitter on Friday to announce that his […]