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Violence and TV Channels

THE killing of three clerics in Karachi a few days ago was indeed gruesome. The targeted killings of 10 to 15 people in Karachi have become the order of the day.

Critical reviews are presented on TV channels and columns are written on Karachi killings, but no remedial steps have been taken so far.

I just want to point out the role of the media in broadcasting live violent scenes getting through CCTV footage. I don’t know what the media is trying to show us? Why is the media so careless? Why does it show all these crimes with blood and lots of violence on TV?

Are these any movie scenes? There is no need to show these bloody and horrific images on TV after such incidents. All TV channels are in a race for showing CCTV footages of these targeted killings.

Is this a matter of pride for them to show these killings to take lead and feel proud to become the first one to show these gory scenes? I mean what is happening? How do victims’ families experience mental and psychological torture by watching these video footages repeatedly on TV?

In the US we saw innocent children killed in Connecticut’s elementary school by a maniac. Did the US media show any CCTV footage of that crime scene? Did they show any bloody clips of innocent children to add to the grief of victims’ parents?

I just want to ask them why they report this violence instead of other positive developments. Don’t they see any other positive issues in Karachi except law and order? Whenever there is news of violence after such city news, all of a sudden there is a huge chaos in offices and shops as people rush to their houses, creating traffic jams and panic on streets.

I also wonder the purpose of installation of more and more CCTVs in Karachi when people can’t be rescued. Even after the targeted killings no culprits have been arrested and given exemplary punishments.

The government and the media should play a positive role in handling and reporting targeted killings to avoid negative impact on the public.



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