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TV channel for children

THE power of the electronic media canÂ’t be ignored. You believe what you see instantly on TV, if it’s aired on a credible TV channel.

Therefore, I strongly feel the need for some really competitive TV channels from our side of the world that can be globally viewed and acknowledged.

There should be more television channels’ choices, especially when it comes to children’s programmes. Choices that are at par with all the programmes aired on the Disney, Nick Junior and Cartoon Network channels.

There is a big vacuum of aired products from our part of the world: particularly the east and the Muslim region of the world.

They should collectively and aggressively invest in the mass communication field so that the world sees the way we live and the way we want to live.

All we need is some dedication to show what we are. Viewers on the other side of the world are ignorant about us.

In this modern age of technology, there is no one to be blamed other than us because we lack the initiative to show who we are.

Source: Dawn