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Judges, generals to also face accountability: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on Wednesday said accountability shall be carried out across the board and the government and opposition will adopt the accountability bill with consensus.

“I shall support the accountability bill. Accountability should be across the board including politicians, the judiciary, armed forces and bureaucrats,” he said in the National Assembly in response to a point raised by the Leader of the Opposition Ch Nisar Ali.

“We respect the verdicts of the judiciary and will implement them in accordance with the Constitution passed by parliament. However, we will not allow any institution to transgress its limits nor will we overstep the limits of anyone. We will get approved the new accountability bill from parliament with consensus so that everyone including politicians, judges, generals and bureaucracy could be held accountable under it”, he underlined.

“There is a slight difference between accountability and victimization and we shall sit with the opposition to bring a consensus accountability bill to the House and adopt it unanimously,” the prime minister said.

He said it is not acceptable that politicians are declared corrupt and others claim to be ‘pious’. “Let everybody face accountability. When the judiciary and the Army come under criticism, they unite but when we come under criticism, we become fragmented. Let us also stand united and make parliament sovereign.”

He said if anybody wants to change us it makes no difference because anybody who will come to this House will come through the people’s vote. He said corruption charges are being levelled against politicians. “But, I assure you I will protect this house. Parliamentarians have been elected under the Constitution. It makes no difference whether we are on this side of the aisle or the other. We are honorable members of this House.”

He said those talking of the Bangladesh type of system in Pakistan should know that this system even failed in Bangladesh. “And if technocrats want to come to this House, they should contest elections. We would not let anybody enjoy dual privileges. One who desires authority should also take the responsibility.”

People are well aware who is who but we need to be united, he said, adding, “We respect the provincial governments and the assemblies and all of us should join hands for at least the bare minimum.”

He said every time the governments are dissolved on charges of corruption and those taking over in the name of accountability, remain in power for years but hold no accountability. “Rather, they come, hold local government elections and form king’s party and in that party also they include those whom they earlier used to charge of corruption.”

He said politicians are held accountable by masses every time they go to polls. But, those not seeking masses vote escape accountability. “Even a returning officer is authorized to reject papers of a politician even if a small utility bill or any other dues are outstanding against him.” “We render sacrifices for democracy but are blamed of corruption every time and are sent to homes. But, now accountability should be for everybody and across the board,” he said.
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