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NYT accuses software firm of running fake degree empire

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KARACHI: The parent company of an infant media conglomerate came under the spotlight on Monday when The New York Times accused it of selling fake diplomas and degrees online through “hundreds of fictitious schools” in the United States. The lead story — Fake Diplomas, Real Cash: A Net of Made-Up Schools — by veteran reporter […]

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Goodbye YouTube

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There was a recent news item suggesting that the ministry or governmental authority or whatever had declared that the ban on YouTube was not going to be lifted in Pakistan any time soon. The reason given was that improper content could not be removed from it. By improper content we all know what is meant. […]

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Beware of Watchdog: Transparency International — II

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It was the 8th of July, 1996. That global newspaper of record, The New York Times, was running a review in the aftermath of a report that had rattled Islamabad and Benazir Bhutto’s second – and last – government. The writer, Raymond Bonner, was introducing the then three-years old and relatively unknown anti-corruption watchdog, Transparency […]

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