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PAKISTAN : Surviving a violent year

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The period under review has been bad for media in Pakistan. Between May 2014 and April 2015, the media in the country continued to face pressures from a variety of sources in line with the patterns from the preceding two years: from both State and non-State sources. However, media houses and media practitioners reported escalating […]

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Unequal responses

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The aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo Paris attack reignited the debate around freedom of expression. Numerous conversations ensued on the horror of the attack, the condemnations it elicited, the debate on the motives of the attackers and the justifications offered and repulsed. However, while no degree of coverage provided to such atrocities can suffice when […]

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Media and the resilient truth

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THE current predicament of two TV personalities in the US underscores how the media as well as perceptions of it are changing among many viewers — even among the media’s own practitioners. Prime time TV anchor Brian Williams is currently serving out a six-month suspension from NBC for wrongly claiming he was in a helicopter […]

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Media asked to refrain from carrying ‘provocative’ news

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Karachi: Sindh information secretary Dr Zulfiqar Ali Shalwani on Thursday urged the print and electronic media to refrain from printing, publishing or broadcasting items which could provoke hatred or cause conflicts. Presiding over a meeting of the media sub-committee of the Provincial Action Plan, the secretary said it was the responsibility of all print and […]

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Rise to your responsibility

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When we look at what is wrong in Pakistan today, we see multiple manifestations of failure – symptoms of a failing or failed state: insurgency and military conflict, unchecked terrorist attacks, killings and abductions of civilians, unemployment, hopelessness, desperation, suicides, and a shocking absence of the writ of government. The list is longer still. But […]

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Inspection of PBA office: CCP explains action

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The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP), in exercise of its powers under Section 34 of the Competition Act, 2010, yesterday, carried out an inspection of the premises of Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) located in Karachi. CCP decided to conduct the inspection after evaluating prima facie documentary evidence, including rules and regulations of PBA, suggesting that […]

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CCP raids PBA office, confiscates record

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Islamabad: The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) on Tuesday raided the office of Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) located at Karachi and confiscated relevant record to investigate alleged cartelization among media houses. Sources told Business Recorder here on Tuesday that a team of 6 to 7 officials of the CCP from Islamabad reached Karachi to conduct […]

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PBA condemns CCP action

Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) strongly condemned the arbitrary action taken by Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) against PBA Tuesday in Karachi. The CCP officials entered the premises of PBA Secretariat and took away all the important original record/documents without assigning any reasonable grounds or by giving any prior information/warning. This action of the government is […]

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Black out coverage of terrorists, NA body tells media

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ISLAMABAD: “Just as the story of a banned group claiming a bomb blast was aired, I was approached by security personnel and scrutinised thoroughly,” Jehangir Baloch, a correspondent working in Turbat, Balochistan, recounts. “After examining my phone records, family history and other details, I was able to assure security personnel that I would not be […]

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Journalists under siege from threats, killings

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LONDON: In Pakistan, journalists live under the constant threat of killings, harassment and other violence from all sides, including intelligence services, political parties and armed groups, Amnesty International said in a new report issued on Tuesday. The report –A bullet has been chosen for you – said that attacks on journalists in Pakistan, describes how […]

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Call for media houses collaboration to fend off threats

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KARACHI: “You don’t kill a story if you Kill a journalist,” said multimedia journalist and trainer Terry Anzur during a session at The Second Floor on Thursday. The session titled ‘strengthening broadcast journalism’ revolved around experiences and expressions of two journalists currently on a training tour organised by the US state department. Anzur with over […]

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Make your own media: 3G or not, an alternative media is still a distant dream

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KARACHI: Every day, a war rages on television screens and newspaper pages. This war is not of words; rather it is the constant struggle for higher ratings and more profits between different media houses. A panel comprising journalists, media managers and a start-up guru concluded that the mainstream media has consistently failed to fulfill its […]

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Media and its maladies

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A tangled web it is. We have this uneasy feeling of being in a deep crisis that we cannot easily decipher. One would expect the media to untangle it for the benefit of the nation. But the media itself has become the national enigma. At the same time, other major institutions are faltering and seem […]

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Attack in Karachi

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The attack on TV talk show host Hamid Mir is, at root, about one man’s fight for life, but it also raises several questions that haunt journalists. While the individual case of Hamid Mir might be settled by the judicial commission, and the perpetrators of the attack might be arrested, there will still remain the […]

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