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Tracing troublemakers: Ban imposed on sale, purchase of Afghan SIMs

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PESHAWAR: The deputy commissioner on Thursday imposed a ban on the sale and purchase of subscriber identity modules (SIMs) issued by Afghanistan-based cellular service providers. Peshawar Deputy Commissioner Syed Zaheerul Islam imposed Section 188 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) for a period of one month, following a report presented to the Peshawar High Court […]

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SIMs: security concerns

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AS a law-abiding citizen, I checked up using the 668 SMS facility, about the number of SIMs on my name. I was shocked to discover that there were two extra SIMs than the ones I actually have. These extra SIMs had been discontinued and disconnected some five to six years ago by me. I contacted […]

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Illegal SIMs

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Sir: As expected, the prime minister’s recent announcement to block all ‘unregistered’ cell phone SIMs went completely unheeded. As the vague announcement did not clarify what kind of SIM would be considered unregistered, everyone thought it best to ignore the statement until something more specific was agreed upon. The misuse of SIMs is deeply related […]

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Illegal SIMs may land ‘owners’ in hot water

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By: USMAN CHEEMA ISLAMABAD: Alarming situation arises for those mobile phone subscribers who have not yet blocked the SIMs registered wrongfully in their names, as soon they might face serious repercussions of their lethargic behaviour in terms of terrorism or different cases registered against them. According to the government policy, if a subscriber does not […]

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PTA’s 2nd bid to curb illegal SIMs

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LAHORE: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has begun compiling the data of ‘unverified’ SIMs from the cellular companies and the Pakistan Mobile Database Company as first step to block over four million such connections. “We are keen to block unverified mobile phone connections and for the purpose we have asked the cell phone operators and […]

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