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SIMs: security concerns

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AS a law-abiding citizen, I checked up using the 668 SMS facility, about the number of SIMs on my name. I was shocked to discover that there were two extra SIMs than the ones I actually have.

These extra SIMs had been discontinued and disconnected some five to six years ago by me. I contacted the cellular service provider which told me that I can tell them which numbers I am using and they will keep them active.

My question is: when a number has been disconnected by me five to six years ago, why are they still in my name in Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) records?

Why don’t, after a certain period of time, the cellular operators release the number from our name? What if somebody uses the SIM card which is in my name? In this case, I will have no clue about it.

I demand to know that when there is so much hue and cry about crackdown on illegal SIMS (as a vital part of anti-crime effort), why are the cellular service providers not doing anything about this pending work they were supposed to do years ago? Why is the PTA not able to play its role?