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Pakistani producers should work harder to get films released in India, says Indian film-maker

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LAHORE: The ban on Indian content in Pakistan and vice versa has been an ongoing debacle for quite a while now. Most events have industry insiders discussing the matter and the recent Shaan-e-Pakistan Music Awards Press Conference was no different. Numerous showbiz personalities shared their views, including Indian film producer Rakesh Sabharwal. “Many people believe that […]

Ahad Malik passes away LAHORE, March 30: Ahad Malik, a film producer for over 40 years and twice elected member of the Punjab Assembly, died here after a protracted illness on Saturday morning and was buried the same evening. He had been bed-ridden for the last two years after suffering a paralysis attack. He suffered […]

Film producer Aftab Mangi, who also brought foreign blockbusters to Pakistan, passes away at 67

By: Aftab Mangi KARACHI: After graduating from Sindh University with a BA in political science, Aftab Mangi arrived at a fork in the road and decided to take the one less travelled. For the landscape of Pakistani cinema, that indeed made all the difference. The prominent Sindhi film producer and distributer of foreign movies passed […]