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Syed Bachal Shah: A born environmentalist

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Syed Bachal Shah Jillani alias Nizamuddin Shah died on July 19, 2015 in Village Jamal Shah Jillani, Qadirpur, Ghotki after a brief illness. He was 76.

Shah Saheb was a born environmentalist, as he loved nature. He never went to any high school or university, but always pushed for environment protection and planted thousands of trees throughout his life.

Despite difficult times, he never stopped planting trees and also established a nursery of flowers and orchards. He was a hard worker and believed in self-help, as during acute water shortages, he used to carry water from the far-flung areas for his plants and trees.

According to his children, sometimes they felt that Shah Saheb, loved his trees and orchards more than his children.Climatic changes, grow more campaign, global warming, etc, are contemporary terms. Shah Saheb was fully aware of the importance of trees and never sought any funding from any organisation.

Syed Bachal Shah Jillani was also well-aware of the current affairs of the world, as till his death, he used to listen to the BBC Radio. Shah Saheb was a man of principles, honest and a loving person.

He always helped others, especially poor people. He faced several injustices, but never complained about them rather he always thanked Allah for whatever he received in his lifetime.

Shah Saheb was considered as a mystic person. People of all religions were close to him and often visited him. He never showed any disrespect for anybody. He welcomed all, whether Muslims or non-Muslims with the same respect.

Increasing water-logging and salinity in Ghotki district in recent years after cultivation of paddy (which is banned officially in Ghotki district) affected him severely.A couple of weeks ago, Shah Saheb had been diagnosed with a skin infection, which he could not sustain and died peacefully in his home. Shah Saheb will always be remembered by his family and friends.

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