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Situation be handled as per law says All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS)

KARACHI- Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, President of All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) has expressed concern over the situation arising out of the publication of a highly objectionable letter in the daily Frontier Post at Peshawar, and the incidents that occurred in reaction to that letter.

What was published was a piece of irresponsible journalism and has hurt the feelings of all sane people. However, the management of the newspaper, in a statement, had offered their unqualified apology over the publication of the blasphemous material, said an APNS press release.

The management of the newspaper has suspended the persons apparently involved in this act and lodged a complaint with the police, it said. They called upon the authorities to conduct a judicial probe into the affair to bring out the truth. The statement added that after the issuance of this statement of the management of the newspaper, what has happened the next day should have been avoided.

The president of the APNS has called upon the journalists and the publishers to exercise extreme care and adopt a responsible attitude and ensure that such heinous incidents not occur in future. The ulema should now come forward and guide the people about the course of action that should be adopted after the persons allegedly involved in such an act have pleaded their innocence, offered an unqualified apology and requested for a judicial inquiry.

The authorities should also fulfill their responsibility to ensure that the entire situation is handled according to law.

The statement added that setting the printing press ablaze, violent acts and damaging property is not the correct way to handle such matters. By sealing the office and destroying the press all workers of the newspaper have lost their jobs. The APNS has always condemned irresponsible journalism but what has happened during last two days has been too painful in all circumstances.

President of APNS has called for a judicial inquiry by a judge of the High Court or Supreme Court, so that the real culprits are identified and given exemplary punishment.

Source: Dawn