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Pakistan Television’s (PTV’s) deal with Prime TV is fair

ISLAMABAD- The government has declared Pakistan Television’s decision to reach out to North America in association with Prime TV was taken in a transparent manner and in accordance with rules and regulations.

In response to letters addressed to the chief executive and other high officials, the government has informed the Scandinavian Satellite System (SSS) that PTV would be rightful in finalising arrangements for its transmission in North America.

The allegations, levelled by Raja Nasir Hussain of SSS in his letters addressed to the government, have been rejected. A senior official has informed both Nasir Raja of SSS and Farooq Bajwa, Chairman of AMPAK/BAS Micro Inc that PTV’s decision to reach out to North America in association with Prime TV was taken with the approval of the competent authority.

“I assure you that the decisions taken by the government are based on merit and not on unfounded allegations,” said a senior official of the Ministry of Information informed Farooq Bajwa over the weekend.

The government has concluded that the matter, involving two private parties-SSS and Sports Star International-can best be resolved between two parties, mutually. “It is, therefore, not considered advisable for the PTV to get involved in the resolution of this issue.”

The government informed the California-based Bajwa that his suggestion to “only have one outlet i.e. International Cable TV (ICTV), as PTV’s presence in North America in association with Prime TV would reduce your commercial viability, is neither fair, nor reasonable”. “The PTV cannot be allowed to hold back its signals only to ensure commercial benefits to one individual or one firm alone.”

The senior official said there is enough programming material available in Pakistan in the private sector and the issue is only of paying the right price for the right product.

Bajwa has been reminded that his channel is allowed to have free access to the PTV news and current affairs programmes as per Memorandum of Understanding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the two. The official recalled that upon Bajwa’s request, it was left to his choice even to mix his channel’s programmes with the programmes of Indian origin as he viewed this programme mix to be more viable for him.

“In view of its contractual obligations, the PTV has been advised to follow a completely transparent policy,” the official said, adding that he should pursue his endeavours on a professional plane and that PTV would be only too happy to help him within the constraints of its contractual obligations.

Source: The News