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Sindh govt to brief media on islands today

According to a spokesman of the advisor to the Sindh chief minister on fisheries and livestock, Jadim Mangrio, the advisor would be there and present a briefing to the journalists about the development of the projects. He said that the people from the fishing community would also be present to talk to the media in favour of the controversial Diamond Island Bar City, a project to be launched on the two islands.The Port Qasim Authority (PQA) has leased out around 12,000 acres of land of the two islands to a Dubai-based firm for the development of a new city. The total estimated cost of the project is said to be over 43 billion US dollars. The investment will be made solely by the foreign firm and the PQA would receive some 15 percent of the profit from the project.
The Sindh government does not oppose the project but has reservations over the allotment of the land by the PQA, as according to the government, the land was the provincial government’s property.The PQA has, however, rejected the provincial government’s claim, leading to a dispute over the possession of the land. A strategy to settle the dispute that was announced by Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz during his recent visit to Karachi has yet to be announced.

Source: Daily Times