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Signs, symbols and structures

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A group show titled “Transcriptase” at Full Circle Gallery, Karachi featuring the works of Manizhe Ali, Ali Khan and Paul-Mehdi Rizvi highlighted the theoretical aspects of contemporary art.

Ali Khan has spent time travelling across the country experiencing a nomadic life which he portrayed in his recent works. By combining design and art he created contemporary furniture with a domestic touch. Being an interior-designer he design furniture having contemporary as well as ethnic values including many different designs from Sindh and Punjab to Karachi. His calligraphic vase with brass and ceramic calligraphic stool reflected the traditional style of the region. His other works in wood included an “Organic Tripod” made with rose wood gilded with gold tripod legs, a chair, a table and a dandelion chandelier attracted the viewers.

Manizhe Ali focused her sensibilities in creating beautiful things which also has value. She achieved this goal by designing jewellery. She translated her ideas into precious metals and gemstones that allowed her to meld artistic skills with time-honoured craft. As both fine-art and jewellery design required the integration of artistic delicacy with a degree of artistic pragmatics.

She was interested in structuralism which has paid a great deal of attention to the origins of jewellery in its theoretical understanding of nomadic culture. This can be seen in her works titled “Nomadic Marker” and “Natural History”.

Paul-Mehdi Rizvi interpreted personal experience through aesthetically designed works. In doing so he challenged certain norms and decided to explore his own psychological boundaries. This paved the way to innovation as the situation now allowed a greater deployment of resources for the creation of contemporary art in our country. His works titled “Condensation”, “Displacement”, “Signal” and “Errant child” were some of the works that needs attention of the viewers to understand.

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